Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ladies Of The Legion - The Academy

A descendant of Superman, whose Kryptonian bloodline was diluted by that of her human ancestors, Laurel Kent...
When you've got it - and are invulnerable - flaunt it.

...only inherited invulnerability from her famous forebear.
Not a bad inheritance, all things considered, but given that several members of the Legion numbered invulnerability amongst their many other powers and abilities, it was no wonder that she never graduated to full-fledged membership from the Legion Academy. (Unlike her former roommate Dawnstar, who got called up to join the ranks of the Legion.)
After the history-altering events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, Laurel's origin was retconned to something something Manhunter something something Elna something something, and eventually she was removed from continuity entirely.
If I recall correctly, when Laurel was first introduced she was found in a state of distress and rescued* by Superboy who was, as he often did, visiting the 30th Century, and who, upon seeing her, kind of...uhh...had the hots for her.
To be fair to the Boy of Steel, he had no idea she was one of his descendants, and while I don't think it was ever officially revealed who the Eve to Clark Kent's Adam was, the odds are it was Lois, and Laurel did look a lot like her great-great-great-great-great-grandmother.
Okay, yeah, it's still creepy.
The creepier part, though, was that Laurel, knowing fully-well that he was her ancestor, kind of had the hots for Superboy.
Anyway, that's Laurel Kent.

*He didn't know she was invulnerable and therefore not in any danger.  I think - and I could be wrong; it's been a while - that she actually deliberately placed herself in "danger" so that he would rescue her and she could meet him.

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