Thursday, October 06, 2011

Wow, That's Depressing

The new Blogger interface has all kinds of new features.  Most of them are just cosmetic changes, but there is some additional functionality, most notably in its integration of Google Analytics data.
When I look at a list of my posts I can see the total number of views a given post has received.
The numbers are...underwhelming.
I mean, in the aggregate, my traffic stats were depressing enough, but to see the actual breakdown by post...I has a sad.


Tevyn said...

I know what you mean. I'm sad that my 1 blog post about SharePoint is getting 10 pageviews on average per day and my writing pieces are more like 5 collectively. Did you get any traffic from me always mentioning you?

Heimdall said...

I haven't seen any come in with your site as the referring URL. Most of my traffic comes from Google image searches, or from people looking for the bra sizes of celebrities (or for slash fiction).
10 pageviews per day? Most of my posts get 2-3 views.
And not per day, either; 2-3 views, period.