Friday, October 07, 2011

Get Rich Quick Scheme? No, Get Rich NEVER Scheme.

Total number of years I've been selling stuff on Zazzle:  8
Total earnings in those years:  $30.20
In the several months that I've been an Amazon Associate I've generated a total revenue of $0.00.
Money from AdSense ads on this blog?  Ha.
So far my earnings on Hub Pages have totaled $0.14.
I've done somewhat better with Heroic Portraits.  With 4* customers - over the course of 5 years - I've generated a total income of $500.
However, that income is offset by the costs of server space and Domain Name registration.  I don't think I'm in the negative numbers from that alone - I don't remember how much I've laid out for those expenses, but it's somewhat less than $500 - but if you factor in the cost of ink, paper, my large format printer, and my Wacom Cintiq, I'm seriously in the red.

*That's 4 paying customers.  Total number of "customers" has actually been 7.  Even a free Portrait promotion only got me 1 person willing to take me up on the offer.

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