Monday, August 01, 2011

It's Been Told A Million Times

Sure, you got your reasons, but your alibis are lies

- D.R.I. Karma, Dealing with It

There's a question people often ask me - or, perhaps more frequently, ask others about me - that, while flattering, of course, kind of annoys me.
It annoys me because

1. I don't really have an easy answer for it
2. Even if I do answer it, the person asking never seems satisfied with my response

Reason 2 is arguably more troublesome for me than Reason 1 because I don't really feel a need to get easy answers, so I'm perfectly content not to give them.  Really, I only mention it because the circumstances in which I'm asked the question are usually such that I don't have time to give anything other than an easy answer, or, if I give the difficult answer, it leads directly to Reason 2 anyway.
I've found that pretty much the only answer I can give that will put an end to the conversation that I don't particularly want to have is, "I've got my reasons."
Of course, I have to give the answer in such a way that it's clear that I don't have any interest in discussing it further (and people who are deaf to the tone and tenor of a conversation won't pick up on the anvil-like hints that I'm dropping).
So what, you may find yourself asking, is this flattering, yet bothersome, question?
I'll relate a conversation I had earlier today to answer the question about the question:

Boss;  I showed everyone the picture you did of me.  They were all amazed.  "He did that just from a Facebook picture?"  I said, "Well, he drew the body using his imagination."  But they all said you were so talented, and they asked, "What is he doing working there?  Why isn't he doing like comic books or something?"
Me:  *Sigh*
Boss:  I told them, "Well, I guess he just loves working for me so much that he's content to draw in his spare time."
Me:  Yeah, that must be it.

So, yeah.  "What are you doing working here?  Why aren't you working for Marvel/DC/Disney, etc?"
Why indeed?
Over the next indeterminate period of time (Read:  When I feel like it), I'll address some of those reasons here on this very blog.
Why?  I don't know, why not?  I'm certain that, if it's a question you've found yourself asking, my answers to it will prove unsatisfying, my reasons will come across as excuses, and you'll conclude that...well, I don't know what you'll conclude.
All I can do is tell you what I know.

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