Sunday, July 17, 2011

Well, That Certainly Was A Story...

Last week when I was making my usual Saturday venture out into the world I stopped at the bank to cash in some change, as the urn I toss change in was getting sufficiently heavy that I was wondering how much that would amount to.
There was a cute-ish - and extremely exuberant - teller working there when I brought over the slip from the machine (customers can cash in change for free).
She looked at me and then said, "So are you into comics or is that just a shirt?"
My first thought was, "What shirt am I wearing?"  After surreptitiouisly looking down to see that I was wearing the shirt with the old Action Comics cover on it that I got from Scott and Stacy for my birthday a while back, I said, "Oh, um, I'm into comics."  (Of course, regardless of the shirt I was wearing I should have just said that anyway.)
Thinking, "Hey, maybe this can be one of those opportunities to have a conversation with an attractive woman that I almost never get," I started to add, "In fact, after this I'm going over to the - "
Before I could finish, she burst in with, "Oh my god!  The other day?  This guy came in wearing a Lady Gaga shirt!"
"Huh," I said, as I watched the opportunity evaporate.
"He said he's got all kinds of Lady Gaga stuff, and that he's so into her that his friends all call him 'Gaga.'"
"Isn't that crazy?  I mean, a guy who's that into Lady Gaga?" 
"Well, people are into all kinds of things, I guess."  Meanwhile I was thinking, "Cool story, bro."
She nodded slowly, as though I had said something profound, then handed me my receipt and said,  "Well, have a nice day!"
And that was that.
They say "Opportunity only knocks once," but apparently if you open the door you'll find that it's just there to tell you about some random guy who likes Lady Gaga.
(And yes, I do realize that this post in and of itself falls under the heading of "Cool story, bro.")
(Also, the change amounted to $82.04.)

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