Friday, July 08, 2011

Odds And Ends

Reyse Like The Phoenix Department:

My friend Jamie has a blog – look for Thoughtful Dreamer over in the blogroll – and as part of it she’s posting snippets of stories involving a character of her creation, one Phoenix Reyse.  There is some artwork that will accompany the stories, featuring the character in outfits designed by Jamie which have been put over various images that serve as sort of digital paper dolls of the character.  Said digital paper dolls were created by someone you may know..
Check out the first such entry here.

Ray Of Sunshine Department:

Friend:  You just like to cheer people up…
Me:  Yeah, I’m a regular ray of sunshine.
Friend:  …even though you’re a grouch.

Sparing Some Change Department:

You may have noticed some changes here at Threshold, particularly if you use a browser that doesn’t block ads.
I’ve joined the Amazon Affiliates program, and as such, there are ads – generally context-aware, and right now mostly advertising things related to Jack Chick – and if you click through them and buy an advertised product from Amazon, I get some money.  I doubt that it will amount to much, or anything, really, but it couldn’t hurt (apart from the fact that it adds clutter to the blog and makes it load a little slower).
Additionally, I’ve added a widget showing Popular Posts, which links to Threshold’s Greatest Hits.
Frankly, when I look at what some of those are, I think, “Internet, I am disappoint.”
I mean, seriously?  You random Googlers are still obsessing about those things?
On a related note, the service I use for tracking site usage has upgraded a bit recently, and provides information on my Google page rank in relation to some of the specific search terms that lead people here.  In those instances in which I’m number one, I am not pleased.  In most cases I’m not even happy that I’m in the top ten.

Speaking Of Traffic Department:

Recently, Heroic Portraits has seen an increase in traffic thanks to a Portrait I did of my boss, which she very graciously posted on her Facebook page with a link to the site.  She’s got a lot of friends, and the image is a popular one.
Even so, I’m not posting it here.  If you want to see it, you can go to the Heroic Portraits Facebook page by clicking the link over on the right, or following the link from the site itself.  While you’re there, hit the “Like” button.  It won’t kill you.  I promise.

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Tevyn said...

Thanks Heimdall for your wonderful art, impressive match to my requirements, and a very speedy turn around (what was that 3 days?). You are number 1 in my thoughts when it comes to desires for people computer graphics.
- Jamie.