Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You’re So Vein

As much as I hate (HATE.) working out, there have been definite, noticeable positive results from my efforts.

Beyond the improved health that comes from having my blood sugar levels out of the danger zone, and just feeling better in general because of the weight loss (and, I must admit, feeling at least a little bit better about myself), there are the more superficial benefits.

For example, I can actually see the lines that define my muscles, and, though the gains haven’t been quite as significant as I would like, my biceps are considerably larger than they were.

But I think that my favorite change has been the bulging veins in my arms, and in particular in my forearms.  For some reason, more than the lines of definition and the increase in muscle mass, having those big, ropey veins, that are, to my nerdy sensibilities, vaguely reminiscent of the analogous roots that covered the Swamp Thing’s muck-encrusted body, seems like a real sign of progress.

Just thought I’d mention that.