Friday, March 18, 2011

Two Rights Make A Wrong (Or More On The Nature Of Being Jon)

Earlier in the week I ordered a touch screen monitor for - eventual - use with my new computer.
As assembled, the system will support three separate monitors (over time, I'll be replacing the graphics card and bumping that up to six), so I thought that I would get a touch screen to complement my regular monitor and my Cintiq.
I actually have three monitors right now, one of which is a touch screen, which works entirely via USB (has its own built-in video card). However, it's a small screen, and, while useful - I keep my tools palette on it when I'm drawing so that I can reach over and change tools while working on the Cintiq - I figured I might as well go with a larger, full-fledged monitor.
In any case, I didn't need the new monitor right away, especially since my new system won't ship for another week and a half, but I figured I might as well order it while it's on sale.
I wasn't expecting it to even ship this week, but yesterday I saw that it had shipped already. I checked the status this morning and saw that it was actually on the truck, out for delivery. I'd had it shipped to work, as I usually do with things that need to be signed for, since I'm rarely at home during the day, and the mailroom lets me know when I have a package.
So I thought, "Oh, I'm getting it today. Okay, cool."
Later on in the morning, at our staff meeting, my boss said, "I want you all out of here by 3. It's Friday and it's a beautiful day, and you've all been working really hard."
So I thought, "Hmm, well, that's only a half hour earlier than I normally leave - and that still means putting in an eight and a half hour day - but, still, cool."
So that was two cool things in one day.
Because I'm Jon, these two cool things ended up working at cross purposes.
By the time 3 rolled around, my monitor still hadn't been delivered.
Before I left, I swung by the mailroom on the off-chance that it had been delivered but hadn't been updated in the tracking system. As soon as I walked in I saw a stack of packages waiting to be shipped via FedEx, which meant that, no, it hadn't.
So I sighed and headed home.
Against my better judgment, I checked the status of my order when I got home.
It was delivered not much more than five minutes after I left. If I'd stayed until the usual time, I would have been able to grab it on my way out. (I'd considered it, but decided that gaining the extra half an hour's worth of weekend was the better plan, especially since the likelihood that it might not have arrived until well after that.)
Granted, I don't actually have a use for it yet, but it would have been fun to have it to play around with over the weekend.
Oh well. That's what I get for being Jon.

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