Sunday, December 12, 2010

National Treasure

I don't watch that show Mad Men, not because I dispute its quality - I'm sure it is, as its fans insist - a fine show, but simply because I try to keep the amount of TV-watching I do to a minimum.
However - its other reported qualities aside - the only reason I would consider watching it is to get a regular fix of actress Christina Hendricks:

Obviously the boobs have a lot to do with my appreciation of her, but I think she's just gorgeous in general with her overall curviness, her red hair (I know it's not natural, but it still looks great), porcelain skin, and those great big...eyes.
Also, yes: she has huge boobs. I mean, just huge.
They aren't quite as prominent in this picture as in many other pictures of her - such as can be found here - but there was much I liked about the picture that made me decide to draw it.
The other day while we were discussing some of the pictures at the site linked above via IM, Scott said, "She's a national treasure." I'd have to agree.

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Merlin T Wizard said...

I stand by that remark. I also think you outdid yourself on this one. It looks fantastic