Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Keyword Kraziness: Kleavage In The Kitchen Edition

First things first:

1. Giada De Laurentiis is not a dwarf. Period. I still think it's odd that people even ask that - and odder still that they come here after this blog pops up in their search results - but there it is. No. Not a dwarf. At all. Some people also apparently wonder if she has "dwarf blood," by which, I assume, they mean to ask if somewhere in her family tree there is/was a dwarf. I neither know nor care. (I'm assuming that's what they mean, and that they're not asking if she actually has dwarf blood, like in a decanter or something.)

2. Evidently, she was pregnant at some point. Is she now? Has she been recently? Will she be again? I have no idea, and further, I don't especially care.

Okay, and now to the point...I don't know what her bra size is - or whether or not she wears a water bra (cf. the part about me not caring), but for all of the people who end up here as a result of searches related to Giada's breasts, here is a link to Giada's Cleavage. I am no way affiliated with the site, but given how much of what little traffic I get* is related to Giada's boobs, I thought I would provide the link as a public service. You're welcome.

*Ordinarily I'd be grateful for the traffic, but people who end up here as the result of Giada-related searches don't stick around and don't come back.

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