Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ladies Of The Legion: The Collage

So I've been messing around on the tablet PC a lot, and found the "Windows Touch Experience Pack," which has several little toys for playing around with touch, such as a 3D map program, some games, a screensaver that lets you scare fish in a pond by creating ripples in the water with your fingers, and Microsoft Surface Collage, a photo viewer based on the Microsoft Surface technology that lets sift through, stack, and shuffle your pictures as if they were on a table in front of you. You can rotate and resize them, and save the results as a collage, as I did with these pictures of the lovely ladies of the Legion of Super-Heroes:
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Merlin T Wizard said...

Pretty cool. When I read "collage," I was thinking of a picture made up of a ton of other tiny pictures. I wonder how it would look if you used one of those apps to make all of your illustrations look like one completed one?