Monday, July 26, 2010

A Conversation

Via IM:

Me: there's a really crappy cell phone video of reynolds reciting the oath, much to the sheer, unadulterated delight of a young GL fan.
Scott: I'm sure he peed his pants.
Me: well, i think there ended up being a lot of people there with wet pants.
Me: mostly chicks
Me: because it was so GD sweet.
Me: the video sucks, but the kid's reaction is priceless: (link)
Me: but seriously, i'm sure it led to any geek girls there wanting to throw their underoos at him.
Me: Yeah
Scott: Especially when he lowers his voice for the end.
Me: ZOMG i have to have his babies right nao!
Scott: lol
Me: it's mostly the sheer "awwwww...." factor that would push it over the top for chicks.
Scott: yeah
Me: hell, i kind of wanted to do him.
Me: he's so sweet to that kid!
Scott: Yeah, but you've been harboring those feelings for Ryan Reynolds for years.
Scott: It's those dreamy eyes...
Me: nah, my hatred of him for getting to routinely plow Scarlett Johansson nullifies those strange, confusing feelings
Scott: Or does it just make you long for a threesome?
Me: yeah, because i really need to be naked in the same room as ryan reynolds. my newfound vanity wouldn't survive that.
Scott: lol, ok, good point.
Me: jon disrobes. ryan reynolds disrobes. jon (picks up cell phone, flips through contacts): hi, inadequacy? it's me again. look, i'm sorry about what happened. i promise i'll stop checking myself out in the mirror if you take me back.

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