Monday, July 19, 2010

A Conversation (And Some Links For Context)

First of all, this.
Second of all, this.

(Via IM)

Me: i used to have the book that he's talking about, but never got around to reading it (and lost it somewhere along the way)
Me: got it as my award for being "top student" in the class i took my last summer in upward bound.
Scott: ah
Me: at the ceremony, the instructors said that they'd thought about framing my answer to one of the questions on the final and putting it on their wall so that they could refer to it whenver they felt like their vocation was meaningless.
Me: restored their faith in the Humanities, apparently.
Me: i have zero recollection of what i wrote.
Scott: Well done, there.
Me: i think i benefited from a lack of competition.
Me: after all, Lorie was among my classmates, and whatever redeeming qualities my ex-wife may have had (she must have had some), a dizzying intellect wasn't among them.
Scott: heh
Me: or rather, it was, but not "dizzying" in a good way.
Scott: Your lips are erratic?
Me: heh, pretty much
Me: i think my favorite of her poor word constructions was when she would intend to say "or lack therof."
Me: "therefore lack of."
Scott: ugh
Me: yeah
Me: otoh, she was willing to have sex with me
Me: (sometimes)
Me: so...
Scott: That's a very weighted scale item

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