Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ladies Of The Legion Part Six

I knew when I started on this that disappointment would be the norm, but even so...
In any case, here we see Salu Digby of Imsk, also known as Shrinking Violet:

This particular Lady of the Legion, like everyone on her home planet, has the ability to shrink to a miniscule size, though Violet has the distinction of being able to shrink to a smaller size than anyone else of her race.
Here we see her hanging out in her Legion Flight Ring.
For much of her time in the Legion, she was the object of affection for Colossal Boy - Gim Allon of Earth - who, after being exposed to a strange meteriote, could grow to, well, colossal size.
In the minds of Silver Age writers, someone who can get really small was an obvious match for someone who could get really big, but for the most part, Vi wasn't having it.
However, somewhere along the line she stopped giving Colossal Boy the cold shoulder, and the two went on to become romantically involved.
Or did they?
In fact, they did not. It turned out that Vi had been kidnapped at one point while visiting her homeworld and was being held in stasis while a shape-shifting actress - unaware that there was anything nefarious going on - secretly took Vi's place in the Legion, and while Vi had never really been terribly interested in Colossal Boy, her replacement was very interested.
Upon being freed, the formerly meek Shrinking Violet became much, much more aggressive as a result of her captivity.
During the period known as "Five Years Later" in Legion history, Vi went on to become romantically involved with Lightning Lass.
It was my original intention to include Vi in the picture with LL, but, as mentioned, that didn't work out.

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