Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ladies Of The Legion Part 11

Like Princess Projectra, our final Lady of the Legion, Dawnstar, doesn't actually have a Legion codename, simply going by her given name:

Dawny is a native of the planet Starhaven, a world that's the home to a tribe of Native Americans who were abducted by aliens in the 13th Century and experimented on. Said experiments resulted in the development of wings.
Beyond simply being able to fly with her wings in an atmosphere, Dawnstar is able to generate a force field that allows her to survive unaided for extended periods of time in deep space, and, when in space, is able to travel at faster than light speeds. Additionally, she is able to track people and objects over vast distances.
She became a member of the Legion after completing training in the Legion Academy.
As with the White Witch, who, as mentioned, was in something of a mismatched relationship with another Legionnaire, Dawnstar is linked to fellow Legionnaire Drake Burroughs of Earth, also known as Wildfire.
Their relationship is complicated by the fact that an accident transformed Wildfire into a being of pure "anti-energy." No longer having a physical form, Wildfire occupies a special containment suit that allows him to assume some semblance of humanity.


And that brings us to the end of the Ladies of the Legion series. At least, as far as the actual members of the Legion.
Up next will be the distaff members of the Legion of Substitute Heroes, followed by some of the villainous vixens who have squared off against the Legion over the years.
However, I think that's going to happen only after I've taken a bit of a break from the Legion, especially since I have to complete a Heroic Portrait.
I hope there's been someone out there (other than Scott) who's enjoyed my depiction of these future femmes.


Merlin T Wizard said...

Yeah, cuz I don't count.

I like the pose with her wings covering her naughty bits. Well done.

Greybird said...

I've thoroughly (and belatedly) enjoyed your series, some of which has been shared recently at the "Legion World" fan page on Facebook.

Especially this gorgeous take on Dawnstar, revealing everything about her demeanor while showing almost nothing of her body — directly, anyway — and having her wrapped sensually in her wings.

I've never quite seen that combination in depictions of her, in or out of the Legion comics. I should know, with her being my Legion favorite for decades now.

Kudos on one of the most inspired visual fan tributes I've ever seen, for both Dawnstar and all the richly described women in and around the Legion.

[27 June 2011]

Heimdall said...

Thanks! Based on page hits, my image of Dawny seems to be very popular. I put a lot of thought into pose - and a lot of work into the image - so I'm glad to see that there are people who appreciate the effort.