Monday, June 21, 2010

Ladies Of The Legion Part 10

Mysa Nal of Naltor, sister of Dream Girl, is the Lady Legionnaire known as the White Witch:

Unlike her fellow Naltorians, such as her sister, Mysa was not born with the ability to see the future. To compensate, she studied magic on the Sorceror's World, and eventually joined up with the Legion in the aftermath of The Great Darkness Saga.
While she was a powerful sorceress, she was rather limited in that she couldn't spontaneously perfrom much in the way of magic, needing to memorize spells in advance, and only being able to keep a limited number of spells memorized at a time.
Like many other Legionnaires, she was one half of a rather mismatched pairing, having a rather deep romance which was, by necessity, chaste, with fellow Legionnaire Blok. A native of the planet Dryad, Blok was a silicon-based life form, possessing a massive, dense, stony body (hence the necessity for the romance to remain chaste).
Blok was so massive that while most Legionnaires could fly to soaring heights at great speeds with their Legion Flight Rings, he required several rings just to get off the ground, and generally could not keep up with the others.


Merlin T Wizard said...

Hah! Whoever created her was a D&D player. She is th epitome of a D&D wizard.

Nice use of negative space with her. I like it.

Heimdall said...

As originally introduced, Mysa - who wasn't even called Mysa at the time; that name was a later retcon - was pretty much a generic magic user.
The characteristics I mentioned were introduced when Levitz made her a regular character, and I believe he is/was a D&D player; there were lots of references to D&D in the comics, and several Legionnaires were shown playing a (high-tech) game of D&D.
In fact, there's one issue in which the Legionnaires playing the game get attacked by its solid light holograms after Computo takes over Legion HQ.

Merlin T Wizard said...

Huh, comics written by a bunch of nerds? Who would have thought?