Friday, June 18, 2010

A Conversation

A conversation via IM:

anyway, this group of interns walked by, and one of them was this chick who was taking off her outer shirt, revealing the tank top and huge boobs she had underneath as they went past. dan: are you kidding me?
Me: damn kids with their hotness
Scott: lol, that's pretty much my opinion.
Me: i had difficulty paying attention when we were in line at the theater the other night because of hotty mcjailbait.
Me: though i was also distracted by her boyfriend, who just needed a spray-on tan in order to be a perfect storm of douchiness.
Scott: lol
Scott: Nah, he didn't have enough popped collars.
Scott: Need at least two to approach perfect storm.
Me: the chain made up for a lot of that, though.
Scott: I wouldn't be surprised if clothing manufacturers started making polos with two or more collars so the poor douchebags could start wearing fewer layers.
Me: heh
Scott: I mean, it's a tough decision, show off man nipples through single layer of cloth or show off utter awesomeness by wearing four shirts for four popped collars.

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