Monday, March 01, 2010

Is It Still A Promise If There's No One To Make The Promise To?

Wow, I've really been neglecting my blogging duties, haven't I?
Of course, there really hasn't been too much to report, beyond dealing with the diabetes, which, apparently, has been going pretty well.
Had a follow-up appointment with the doctor today, who was pleased enough with my progress to recommend lowering the dosage of insulin I shoot up with.
So that's good.
I can also move to testing my sugar just once a day rather than twice a day, which is even better, since I kind of hate doing that more than I hate injecting the insulin.
Injecting the insulin is easy; just dial up the dosage, jam the needle in - it takes a while to get past your natural inclination to not stick sharp things into your body - click, and hold for 10 seconds.
Testing my sugar, on the other hand, is more of a hassle, as there are more things to manipulate - the lancet for poking yourself, the test strip, and the test meter - and you have to contend with the bleeding. I have an annoying tendency to keep bleeding after I think I've stopped, which leads to me getting blood all over everything. My log book for keeping track of my sugar is all covered with bloody fingerprints.
Also, it seems like every tenth testing strip or so is wasted because it doesn't get enough blood, or the meter just randomly errors out for no apparent reason.
The other annoying thing, of course, is the diet. I've kind of pieced together meal plans from online sources, Diabetic Living magazine, and a diet plan my mom sent me, but so far I haven't managed to find anything that's really satisfying, so I'm pretty much hungry all the time.
I have to make an appointment with a Nutritionist, so I'm hoping that will help me work out something that doesn't leave me starving.
On the plus side, my feet don't hurt anymore, and I'm not tired all of the time.
On the negative side, given all of the fiber I've been taking in, I've been even gassier than usual, which I wouldn't have thought possible.
I don't really miss the candy - I've found some decent sugar-free candy, but even that has a lot of carbs, so I still have to moderate my intake - but I have gotten tired of drinking nothing but water. I mean, I drank a lot of water before, but now I'm drinking even more. Most artificially-sweetened stuff tastes like poison to me, but I've found a few varieties of Crystal Light that are acceptable, though still not great. I suppose over time I could get used to Diet Coke or whatever, but the problem is getting throught hat acclimation period.
I tried a Zero Carb Rockstar today, and it wasn't too terrible, but then again, regular Rockstar tastes a bit like cat piss anyway.
(No, I've never tasted cat piss, but I have smelled it, and the senses of taste and smell are inextricably linked.)
On the work front, there have been some changes in my department. My interim boss is going to continue to be my boss, but two of my co-workers are moving to different departments. It's kind of funny; when I first started at my job, I worked with them under the same boss, then I moved to a different boss and no longer worked with them, then they were moved under my boss and worked with me again, and now we're being separated again.
We are getting one new person starting next week, and another person somewhere down the line.
Hopefully somewhere in this mess, now that new "levels" have been created, I'll get some sort of promotion, but I'm really not holding my breath on that.
I did get a (meager) raise and a decent bonus - which I got sooner than expected - so it's not all bad, I guess.
After seeing the doctor this morning I stopped to get my taxes done. Thanks to the tax penalties for some stuff I did with my old 401(k), I'm ending up with a refund that's about half the size of the one I got last year, but it's still nothing to sneeze at.
And that pretty much brings us up to speed.
I'll try to post more frequently than I have been, but I'm not making any promises, and honestly, I don't know who I'd actually be making any promises to.


lbugsh2 said...

So what are you planning for your tax refund this year? Anything good?

Jeff Lipton said...

Diet Dr Pepper really does taste like the "real thing", and sharp sodas, like cherry or grapefruit hide the horrid diet after-taste.

Heimdall said...

It's true: Diet Dr. Pepper does taste like regular Dr. Pepper. Unfortunately, I don't view that as a good thing.
But yeah, I've found that citrus-flavored things do tend to cut the aftertaste.
I have been liking some of the Crystal Light flavors I've tried, but it's really not about finding anything that's actually good - that's just not going to happen - but finding things that are less horrible.