Thursday, February 04, 2010

Is This Thing On?

So, yeah, I haven't really posted anything in a while.
Really, there hasn't been that much going on. Work, sleep, repeat.
We got a fair amoutn of snow Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Enough that, when I got up in the morning and saw how much digging I would have to do just to get going I decided that I was going to work from home.
We're supposed to get even more snow this weekend, starting sometime tomorrow. Panic has already ensued.
Then we're supposed to get hit again on Tuesday.
You'd think it was winter or something.
My preparation for the coming snowpocalypse was to hit the comic shop on my way home to pick up this week's books and last week's books, as I didn't bother heading out that way last Saturday when it also snowed a lot.
I'm taking Monday off so I can get my taxes done and do some other stuff that's easier to get done during the week.
Yesterday when Scott came over for movie night we decided to order Chinese food. I pulled up the Web site for the place we usually order from, we made our selections, and then I went back to the site's main page to get their number, only to discover that, thanks to a fire, they've been closed since November and are tentatively planning to re-open this month.
Scott then suggested another place that they usually order from when he and Stacy are at Jamie and Casey's house.
I discovered two things about the other place that make me inclined to always order from there:

1. They have online ordering.
2. They have shredded pork with dry bean curd, which has supplanted Sesame Chicken as my favorite Chinese dish, but which a lot of places don't have on the menu.

Coincidentally at work today, as we've talked about my love for it and inability to find it at most places I've been to, Dan said, "I brought in shredded pork with dry bean curd for lunch if you want to have some." I told him that I'd just had it last night, and would be having the leftovers tonight, so it would probably be overkill to have it for lunch.
(You see the kind of exciting stuff you're missing out on when I'm not blogging?)
For Riff Trax night last night we watched Iron Man with the Riff Trax commentary, and then, without commentary, Planet Hulk, a new direct-to-video animated movie from Marvel.
That was actually sufficient to entice Casey to come over to join us, as he'd greatly enjoyed the comics on which the movie was based.
It was a fun movie, and apparently had a bunch of random Marvel characters making cameos in it, most of which I missed because I happened to be looking away, and by the time Scott said, "Hey, is that...?" it was too late.
I did really enjoy the reference to Journey into Mystery #83, which featured the first appearance of Thor.
Overall the Marvel movies haven't been up to the level of the DC movies, but they seem to be doing much least when they focus on Hulk.
When I bought the Blu-ray of Planet Hulk, the cashier at Target was struggling to remove it from the security case. I said, "I guess you'll need to 'Hulk out' to remove it."
She wasn't amused.
In other news, I'd been working on yet another picture of Jessica Simpson - one based on an image from the same photoshoot as the last two - but I got kind of burned out. Maybe I'll finish it this weekend.
In any case, I thought I should post something.
Just to add a little more content, here's a commercial that amuses me:

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