Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Furniture

I got my new bedroom furniture delivered yesterday.
I didn't have room/use for the chest in my bedroom, so I just had them put it in the guest bedroom for now.
I'm heading to Home Depot today to buy a washer and/or dryer.
I've decided to go with the simplest short-term solution, which is to buy a new washer and just put it where the old one is - if worst comes to worst, I'll throw some money at the delivery guys to get them to put in the extra effort to lift up the old washer and haul it out.
If there are any deals on dryers or washer/dryer sets I'll get a dryer as well.
There's nothing I can do to change the laundry set up that wouldn't involve someone coming in and doing some amount of electrical or plumbing work - even if I did a ventless dryer I'd still need to have the wiring done to bring a dryer inside the house.
Maybe at tax/bonus time I'll see about getting some work done to change it all, but for now, just getting a washing machine is the priority.
I had joked about just buying new clothes every week rather than getting a washing machine ("Hey Jon, I like that shirt." "Thanks, you want it? I'm just going to toss it after I wear it today."), and while it was a joke, I did actually buy a bunch of new clothes yesterday, but that was just because I needed some new stuff.


Merlin T Wizard said...

Nice looking furniture. Wasn't there supposed to be a chest, too?

I don't blame you going with the easy solution on the washer. I hope the delivery guy(s) can muscle that old one out of the bathroom, cuz my back is killing me and there is no way I'm going to be able to heave that thing above waist-high Wednesday.

Heimdall said...

The bureau/dresser thing I put in the guest bedroom is the chest.

Heimdall said...

Also, you won't be over on Wednesday anyway.

stephen said...

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