Monday, October 05, 2009

That Can't Be Right

I can't have a blog, right? I mean, if I did have one I'd post entries on it.
Seriously? I actually have a blog.
Huh, live and learn.
You really haven't been missing much, though.
Friday night I did some more comic book organizing, getting into the Ts before running out of Drawer Boxes.
Saturday I went to the comic shop in the hopes of picking up some more, but they didn't have any in stock, so they had to order some more.
I realized that I didn't need to go grocery shopping, so after the comic shop I just came straight home.
I really didn't do much else.
I did do some drawing, but the one thing I finished - which I used my drafting table to actually sketch out, the scanned in to my computer to finish - looked like crap. The other thing is pretty complex, and is probably going to take a while to finish.
That's pretty much it.
This morning Dan and I walked over to the cafe in a nearby building to hit the breakfast bar. On the walk back, things shifted around in my containter, so my scrambled eggs got mixed in with the fruit I'd gotten.
And not just a little bit, either. It ended up looking like the fruit had been mixed in with the eggs while they were cooking. Orange-Pineapple flavored eggs...not exactly the new taste sensation.
And there you have it. My life since my last post.

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