Thursday, October 15, 2009

Suck It, World.

Today was the kind of day in which I want the world to know that it can suck it.
Or, if it wants, it can even go fuck itself.
It wasn't exactly the worst day ever - that day actually came three years ago on this date when my dad died.
(That fact, of course, added to the general shittiness of the day.)
Still, it definitely started out heading in that direction, from the cold, rainy gloominess, to the school bus that caused me to get stuck through a complete light cycle before I could get to the Greenway, to the stupid, panic-stricken people driving on the Greenway (ZOMG! It's RAINING!!!!!11111), to the new project (that needs to be done tomorrow, kthxbai!) dumped in my lap.
Yesterday morning, being tired, I opted to buy a Monster energy drink, and didn't notice until it was too late that it was low-carb (read: chemically-simulated sugar replacement with attendant chemical aftertaste) version, so this morning, being tired again because I inexplicably couldn't sleep last night, I decided to be more cautious, and since they didn't have high-carb Monster, I grabbed a Red Bull...and discovered too late that it was a sugar-free Red Bull. Seriously, what is the point of low-carb or sugar-free energy drinks? They're bad for you no matter what, so why not go all out?
Things kind of levelled off after the bland sandwich I had for lunch, though, and actually reversed the downward trend a little in the afternoon.
I had a meeting with some people from one of the companies I work with, and when I brought them around to meet my boss they had, to use the phrase from those Windows 7 commercials, a lot of "happy words" to say about me.
That's always good.
(As was seeing one of the people who works for said company, as she's hot and has an incredibly sexy accent, though on the downside I only see her, at best, once a year, and she lives on the other side of the planet. And also, I suck, so it wouldn't matter if I saw her every day and she lived right next door.)
Still, it didn't realy balance out the crappiness of the rest of the day.
Tomorrow will find me - most likely tired again - in non-stop meetings from 10 AM to 5 PM. Did I mention that the world can suck it?

Update: Okay, you can stop sucking it, world. Or at least, stop sucking it so hard. It's difficult to stay mad when you check your mail and you find that you've gotten this from your niece:

Hi Uncle Jon what's up. I just wanted to thank you for my $25 and my card. I thought the card was funny, you are really funny. I got a gift card for Wal- mart, $110 in cash and 2 checks,and a DS game called Brain Age 2. So thanks for everthing

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