Thursday, October 01, 2009

Pain In The S

As should be apparent from the pictures posted late last night, while watching the Riff Trax of The Dark Knight, and the latest DC Animated project Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (which was really good, but I think I need to watch it again while less distracted), Scott and I set to work on the task of organizing my comics and moving them from their old longboxes to their new Drawer Boxes.
We decided the best approach was just to haul the longboxes downstairs, move some furniture out the way, and put them into semi-organized alphabetical piles, then attack each pile in order and more thoroughly organize them.
We got as far as organizing and boxing through the Fs before I, being the kind and benevolent friend that I am, let Scott leave so that he could get home at a reasonable hour.
After he left I moved the piles around so that I had an unobstructed path for moving through my living room, and organized the G pile(s) before turning in for the night.
Tonight I made more progress, getting all the way up to the S piles.
And man, are there ever a lot of S piles.
After all, from 1986 to 1995 I never missed an issue of Superman - and in some cases bought multiple copies of some issues; hey, it was the 90s and I was just as much of a sucker when it came to the speculator boom as everyone else - and in 1991 DC launched Superman: The Man of Steel, which, again, I never missed an issue of until I gave up my comics addiction in 1995.
Throw in sundry titles like She-Hulk and Sandman, and that makes for a lot of piles of comics.
One thing that's become abundantly clear is that I'm going to need more Drawer Boxes.
Oh well; at least I have something to do this weekend.
If I'd been smart, or rather, less lazy, since I did think of it and intend to do it, I would have been inventorying the comics throughout the organization process for entry into my database.
At least it'll be a little easier to do that once they're all organized and in their boxes.
Not much else going beyond that.

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