Saturday, September 05, 2009

Take Us To Your Japanese Schoolgirls

While feeling really bored in a meeting at work the other day I started doodling, and, for whatever reason, what I was doodling were little tentacled spaceships.
(I gave up trying to figure out how my brain works or why the thoughts that pop into my head pop into my head a long time ago and recommend that you all do the same. About my brain, I mean. Knock yourselves out trying to figure out your own, if that's what you want to do.)
Yesterday I started messing around with various filter effects for creating generic space scenes, and eventually the two different things collided, and this is the result:

Notthing terribly unique or original, I know, but at least it's something.
When I got home yesterday I decided to take a nap, then, after getting into bed, decided not to take a nap.
I got up and sat down to watch Shoot 'Em Up because it had been on my mind after talking about it to Scott, and also because why not?
After that I did the aforementioned messing with filter effects, and then decided to watch the Riff Trax of the 2006 remake of the movie The Wicker Man.
Watching that was inspired by watching the video below, which Scott had sent me a link to the other day:

It was pretty brutal, even with the Riffs.
I'd watched it operating on the assumption that it was Rated R, and that Scott was thus exempted from having to sit through the awfulness, but I've since learned that it's PG-13, so he's totally hosed.
Yes, it means that I have to sit through it again, but if I can share the suffering it's totally worth it.
And since he's made "too many exceptions" to his no R-Rated movies rule to be able to suffer through the brain-breaking awfulness of The Room, I have to find as much PG-13 pain to inflict on him as possible.
Last night The Last Starfighter, one of my favorite movies that I inexplicably don't own, was on HDNet Movies, so I recorded it and watched it this morning before venturing out into the world. There are so many things about that movie that I love, including the primitive CGI that still holds up reasonably well 25 years later. At the time it came out, though, what I loved most about the movie was its female lead, actress Catherine Mary Stewart.
From 1984 into the early 90s I sat through so many horrible movies simply because she was in them. Even The Apple, for god's sake. You know you love someone if you're willing to watch The Apple.
I looked her up on IMDb today, and was amazed to discover that she's 50 years old, and was pleased, based on the recent photo in her entry, to see that time has been kind to her.
Not that it really matters, because in my mind she'll always be that gorgeous 25 year old she was back when I was 12.
After watching the movie I headed out to pick up my comics and do a bit of grocery shopping. I also cashed in some change because I was curious to see how much I had ($120.58).
The most exciting thing that happened all day was that a bottle of Vitamin Water flew out of my hand while I was moving it from the cart to the belt at Target and the cap flew off as soon as it hit the floor. Given how much Vitamin Water I buy every week and the fact that my hands usually fail at performing even the most basic tasks, I'm frankly amazed that this is the first time that's ever happened.
Once I got home I ate lunch and took a nap, then got up and did the picture posted above.
And that pretty much brings us up to date.
Oh, and my insurance company finally got its money from the insurance company of the guy who wrecked my car, so I should be receiving a check for my deductible in a few days.

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Merlin T Wizard said...

It looks like The Flying Spaghetti Monster and Brainiac had a lovechild to make your spaceships.

Also, I fear for my sanity now that we know The Wicker Man is PG-13.