Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clubs That Will have Me As A Member

First of all, happy birthday to Scott, who today joins the mid-thirties club.
I have to say, as far as clubs go, it's not all that great.
Still, I can't really recommend that he follow my example and quit that club in order to join the late-thirties club, as it pretty much blows as well.
A few weeks back I saw a shirt with this image of the women of the DC Universe on it...

...and bought it for Scott as one of his birthday presents.
I needed to get him something else, but couldn't decide on what it should be, so the other day I gave him the option of letting me buy him X-Men Origins: Wolverine on Blu-ray, or to meet me at the comic shop on Wednesday to pick out some trades or a statue or something.
I gave him this option with the caveat that I needed to stop at the comic shop on Wednesday anyway to pick up some more bags and boards.
So he opted for the comic shop, and decided on the trade collections of The Sinestro Corps War, as he'd heard good things about it from many people (myself included).
While we were there I picked up my pile of comics for the week and 600 bags and boards, which we stuffed during Riff Trax night.
I still have a full longbox worth of comics to bag and board, as well as several small stacks.
I don't actually have enough boxes for them all, but I'm not inclined to buy more, as I plan to eventually replace all of my standard longboxes with these.
There are actually rather a lot of comics in the piles that aren't in great shape and probably aren't worth preserving. I don't know if I'm going to just toss them, or if I'll follow the suggestion of Dr. Scott of Polite Dissent and give them away - along with candy - to tirck-or-treaters on Halloween.
On the one hand, I might be able to help hook another generation on comics, but on the other hand, throwing them away is easier.
Well, physically easier. Emotionally...well, it's hard to part with things that you love.
Other than that not much has been going on. Working, not getting enough sleep, choking on rage while stuck in traffic, etc.

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