Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sometimes I Surprise Myself

Friday evening as I was moving some of my newly-purchased tools out to the toolshed my neighbors were in their yard setting up patio furniture and greeted me through the fence.
We talked for a bit and they asked if I had plans for the 4rh. I confessed that I did not, and they told me that they were having a barbecue and that I was welcome to join them.
Surprisingly enough, come Saturday afternoon, I did.
Even more surprising was how sociable I was, having conversations with multiple people, and sticking around for several hours before throwing out the "stuff to do" line and excusing myself.
As is always the case, I was sort of the odd man out, as I fell somewhere in between the primary age groups of the people there.
I didn't do much today beyond going grocery shopping. I didn't exactly fill up the refrigerator, but there's a lot more stuff in it now. The freezer is actually pretty full, though.
Other than that I've been making some half-hearted attempts at drawing, but just haven't been feeling it, and some half-assed attempts at straightening up the house a bit.
And now I've made a quarter-assed attempt at posting a blog entry.

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