Friday, July 10, 2009

Awesomeness Downgrade

Last week when I went to the comic shop I picked up the trade paperback collection of Sleeper Season One.
I’ve read it before (along with Season Two), but I never actually owned it, and it had been a while since I’d read it, so I was eagerly anticipating rereading it.
Sleeper is a comic that is crafted from 100% awesomeness.
Even though I already know how it ends, I find myself impatiently waiting for the September release of the Season Two trade, because I just need another Sleeper fix.
(I posted a Facebook status stating that I can’t believe I have to wait until September for it. My friend Gretchen responded that waiting and wanting are good for you, as they build character. My response? Screw character; I want it now. Besides, I’ve spent most of my life waiting and wanting; at this point I’ve got character spilling out of my ears, and having it hasn’t done me a bit of good.)
In any case, after finishing Season One, I had to go back to reading Showcase Presents Legion of Super-Heroes Volume 3.
Talk about going from the sublime to the ridiculous.
Sure, the old Legion stories are entertaining in their way, but contrasted to the excellence of Sleeper...well, it’s a major letdown and a total awesomeness downgrade.
On the topic of awesomeness, though, They Live is currently airing on HDNet Movies and recording on my DVR, so I think I’ll go watch that.
Not much else to write about anyway...

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