Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I got up this morning not feeling great, but attributed that to the fact that it's only Tuesday and I really, really wanted it to be Friday, so I went through the usual morning routine and made my way in to work.
Once there I started feeling progressively worse. My head was "fuzzy," I got dizzy if I stood for too long, everything ached - well, ached more than usual - and I was feeling pretty queasy.
Still, I hung in as long as I could, which ended up being a bit before 11, at which point I stopped by my boss' office to tell her that I was going to call it a day.
(When I described my symptoms, she shooed me away saying, "Go, go! Get out of here! Feel better.")
So I came home, crawled into bed, and crashed for about 5 hours, after which I woke up feeling much better.
Not sure what the deal was, though I'm thinking that mowing in yesterday's heat and humidity just took a lot more out of me than I thought. It probably didn't help that at one point, after noticing all of the bugs crawling around on and around my front windows while mowing, I broke out the bug spray to engage in some bug genocide and, because I'm Jon, ended up getting a faceful of said bug spray.
Yesterday I got a letter from the insurance company of the guy who wrecked my car. It said that all of their attempts to contact me so far had been unsuccessful.
That they had attempted to contact me was news to me. I'm thinking that someone there just turned in his or her chair and whispered my name and marked that down as a contact attempt.
In any case, I called them today after I got up from my brief coma, gave them all of the details for my insurance company and claim, told them what little I knew about the accident, and the woman there admitted that, per my description, the police report, and the driver's account, they were at fault.
I'm not sure if I'm going to get anything out of it beyond being reimbursed for my deductible. Some people are saying that I should pursue litigation, but people who know me should realize that the whole think reeks of effort.
I guess we'll see. At work we have this employee assistance program that you can call into for free legal advice, so I might give them a call and see what they say.
Or, more likely, I might not.
In any case, I thought I should post something, so I did.

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