Sunday, June 28, 2009

Big Exciting Sunday

I headed out to Home Depot today to do some more refrigerator shopping now that I’m (reasonably) sure that I have room for a new one.
After looking at what was available I’d narrowed it down to two choices: a fairly nice but basic stainless steel model from GE, and a larger, nicer, more full-featured stainless steel model from Amana.
What I liked about the GE was that it was relatively inexpensive.
Of course, that’s “relative” to the ridiculously expensive nature of such things. Seriously, there have been big developments in the field of keeping stuff cold that necessitate passing along R&D costs to the consumers? It’s a fucking refrigerator. There’s no justification for having a price tag comparable to a high-end PC or an HDTV or something.
Anyway, what I liked about the Amana was that it was larger, had the freezer on the bottom, and hat all kinds of cool little storage options, like a shelf designed specifically for deli trays, or, as it would have been used for in my case, pizza boxes.
I didn’t like the higher price tag, or the fact that, bafflingly, per the Home Depot associate, it was not Energy Star compliant.
Still, I kept going back to it, and looked inside and saw that, in fact, it was Energy Star compliant, despite the lack of a sticker on the outside.
So I decided to go with that one, but was informed that despite the fact that it said “Free delivery and haul away” on the sticker, that service wasn’t actually available, as it was a clearance item.
It was possible for me to get that service, but to do so I would have to order a new one and pay the full price (the sale price was 10% off), and given that it was already over $400 more than the GE – which did have free delivery and haul away – I wasn’t willing to pay another $150.
So I went with the less fancy – but still an upgrade over my old apartment-grade refrigerator – GE, which will be delivered on Friday.
While I was at it I decided to pick up a Bissel carpet cleaner, as I’ve been meaning to get one for a while.
And that’s pretty much been my big exciting Sunday.

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