Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anyone Know What The Chinese Character For "Jon Can Suck It" Is?

Oh, right; I have a blog.
On Wednesday it occurred to Scott that if he put his back seats down we could probably fit the mower I was thinking about buying in his cars, so we decided to meet at Lowe’s to find out.
Turns out it did, so after that we had dinner at Chili’s, then headed to my house and unloaded and unpacked the mower.
That, of course, left the question of what to do with the (not-so) old mower. As mentioned, I’m too lazy to try to go through the effort of actually selling it, and Scott stated that he didn’t really need a mower, even a free one.
However, after I mentioned that the mower mulches, he decided he could use a free mower, and thus room was freed up in my tool shed for the new mower.
And that was pretty much the big excitement for the week, so despite the fact that I haven’t been doing much in the way of regular posts, it’s clear that you haven’t really been missing out.
Today I got up, sat around, showered, dressed, and headed out to the comic shop. From there it was off the barbershop to get a haircut, and then over to Target to do some grocery shopping that consisted primarily of buying stuff to drink and things to snack on.
When I got home I broke out the weed whacker to deal with the dandelion invasion. It probably would have been easier to just mow again, but a. i hadn’t actually charged my mower battery yet and b. it’s 93 degrees out, so I didn’t feel like toiling away too long under the brutal and punishing sun.
After that I made some lunch and watched some recorded TV, then tried, unsuccessfully, to take a nap. After that it was more recorded TV, and now this.
I probably shouldn’t complain about how thoroughly unexciting my life is, as I probably wouldn’t like having an exciting life, if for no other reason than that it would probably require a lot more effort than I’d be willing to put forth. But even so, there’s no getting around it: my life is boring as hell.

Exciting New Developments Department:
Of course, my life isn’t all tedium and malaise, as there have been a couple of new developments, that, relative to what the rest of my life is like, are kind of exciting.
The first one involves TV. Some time back Verizon introduced a feature to their DVRs that allows customers to access their DVRs remotely from any computer to do things like schedule recordings. Further, Verizon Wireless customers could even program their DVRs using their cell phones.
The drawback to this new feature was that it was only available to customers with Verizon’s multi-room DVR setup. Given that I only have the one set-top box, this meant that I was excluded from using the feature.
However, recently Verizon made the service available to all of their customers. I got great amusement from being a jackass and sitting in my recliner, the DVR’s remote just inches from my hand, and using my laptop to go online to schedule a recording.
Verizon went even a step further, making it possible for customers to program their DVRs with their cell phone regardless of their mobile carrier. Of course, once again, I’m excluded from using this feature, as there’s some other service the customers have to use in order to be able to access their DVRs from their phones.
Oh well.
The other “exciting” development is considerably less cool – remember that the Chinese character for “opportunity” is the same one for “crisis,” which goes a long way towards explaining why I don’t really crave excitement – and it involves my downstairs toilet.
Last night while making use of the facilities I noticed a rather large puddle on the floor near the toilet. It seemed to me that I would have remembered if my aim had been that bad for long enough to account for the volume of liquid, so I suspected something was up.
I cleaned up the mess and decided that I’d check in again later to see if the puddle reappeared. Sure enough, about a half an hour later, it had.
Getting down on my knees – which isn’t something I’ve had to do in the bathroom very often since I quit drinking – I did some inspecting and found that the water was seeping out through a crack in the seal between the toilet and the floor. At first I thought that I could just get some caulk and seal it back up, but then it occurred to me that even with the crack in the seal, water shouldn’t actually be leaking out anyway, which means that there’s something else broken somewhere inside.
I’ve watched enough home improvement shows to know that replacing a toilet is a fairly simple and straightforward process, but I’ve also been Jon long enough to know that nothing is ever simple and straightforward, so I set aside any plans for buying a new toilet and engaging in a do it yourself project today and simply shut off the water supply and threw a towel around the base.
After all, I have a friend who’s always willing to help and who recently made some toilet repairs of his own.
(Interested in engaging in a project on Wednesday, Scott?)
I really should just replace all three of my toilets, given how old and eco-hostile they are, but eventually I want to do some major renovations and don’t really want to do everything piecemeal.
This is why, despite the fact that I would really like to get a bigger refrigerator with an ice and filtered water dispenser on the front, and I’ve seen some really good deals, I have not done so as of yet. I’d like to do all of the kitchen remodeling in one shot and get matching appliances at that time. I may eventually change my mind on that, though, as I really could use more freezer space.
Anyway, those are the two exciting developments in my life.

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Merlin T Wizard said...

Woo hoo! New toilet time!

So, have you found a place that sells the washlet?

Also, you know I'm up for a project any time.