Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Unfathomable Sadness

The last bit of this response to a reader wondering whether it would be better to see the 2D or 3D version of Coraline posted on Neil Gaiman's blog makes me sad, in so many different ways:

Easy. See it in 3D.

You can always go back and watch it in 2D. The DVD will come out later this year and be around for ever. You'll get to appreciate the US cast's voice acting then. This may be your only chance to see CORALINE in 3D.

(Same goes for the US. If you're putting off seeing it in 3D, don't: we lose the screens to the Jonas Bros 3D movie in a week or so.)

A sampling of some of the things that make me sad about this:
1. Coraline is being pushed out of theaters by a Jonas Bros movie
2. There's a Jonas Bros movie
3. The fact that I have even the vaguest notion of who/what the Jonas Bros are

Still, Neil's point is well-taken; go see Coraline in 3D while you still can.

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