Saturday, February 21, 2009

OF COURSE I Threw It Away. Why Wouldn't I?

I liked having last Monday off so much that I decided to do it again this Monday.
Actually, I decided to take it off so that I could go out and get some things done while most people are at work, such as my taxes.
I also decided that I can get by on what I have at home, so I didn’t do my grocery shopping today. I figure on also getting a haircut on Monday and swinging by my chiropractor’s office to pre-pay for a bunch of appointments with what’s left of last year’s Flex account, as I have until March to use that up.
Yesterday I found out how much my merit increase and bonus – which I should get on my next payday – are going to be. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed, but I realize that there are plenty of people who aren’t getting raises or bonuses at all, or who don’t even have jobs, so I’m certainly not going to complain about it.
As mentioned, I didn’t go grocery shopping today, though I did swing by the comic shop.
When I got home from that brief trip out into the world I decided that I would give the house the thorough cleaning that it’s been needing.
I got started on it, but soon found that my heart just wasn’t in it. I did at least manage to tidy things up a bit.
I also washed my sheets.
After I’d finished that I made my bed and thought, “Well, it’s made; I might as well lie in it,” but soon found that a nap just wasn’t going to happen, so I got up and watched last night’s Batman: The Brave and the Bold on my DVR, and then, as mentioned in my earlier post, unhappily watched last Monday’s episode of Heroes. Ugh.
(The one thing that could get me to tune back in? Having someone punch Hiro right in the face – hard – as he throws up his arms and yells “Ya ta!”)
Beyond that I got all of the necessary statements and whatnot assembled for getting my taxes done. I tend to hold onto every bill and statement that I get in the mail, even though I pay pretty much everything via online banking. I usually keep them until the next year, at which point I toss them. It’s very rare for me to just throw one away.
Naturally this means that the few exceptions prove to be the instances in which I actually needed to hold onto the statement.
For example, I always, always, always keep my mortgage statements, and I know that the statement I get in December is going to have my tax statement included so that, even though it’s already the standard practice, I need to hold onto that one.
Which is why it makes perfect sense that, apparently, I threw that one away.
At least, it wasn’t in the “tax stuff” pile, nor could I find it in any of the other somewhat organized piles of assorted “stuff.”
Fortunately I was able to get what I needed from my mortgage company’s Web site.
Still, I sometimes have to pause to be amazed by the fact that I can have those kinds of moments of monumental stupidity – and have them so frequently – and still manage to feed and clothe myself.

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