Monday, February 16, 2009

The Long Stretch

First of all, happy birthday to my nephew Todd.
He won't actually be reading this, of course, but the birthday bears mentioning.
I spent most of today grappling with technology, and mostly coming out as the loser.
I also did the laundry, as having today off made it the de facto Sunday and therefore laundry day.
On the actual Sunday I didn't do much beyond having lunch with David.
When we met up for lunch David said, "How about a smile?" I said that it seemed unlikely. He said, "You're a tough egg to crack."
I responded with, "That's because I'm already cracked."
And scrambled.
As I was trying to leave the restaurant I was surrounded by a horde of children who didn't see moving out of the way of the much larger person coming at them as a viable option, so I had to carefully maneuver around them.
I told David that it should be considered socially acceptable to push children and old people out of your way. After all, they're children and old people: there's already a better than 50% chance that they'll just fall over on their own.
Today's paid holiday marked the last one that I'll see for a while, as we begin the long stretch from Presidents' Day to Memorial Day. Fortunately I have plenty of vacation time, so where the calendar fails me I can pick up the slack and make a few long weekends of my own.

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