Sunday, February 01, 2009

Funny You Should Ask. You Didn't Ask? Then I Guess It's Not Funny

Why yes, I was too lazy to post anything yesterday. Why do you ask?
You certainly didn't miss much, as any post I would have made would have been about the infinitely aggravating task of going grocery shopping, or rather, of venturing out into the world at all.
I was totally on edge even before I got to any of the stores, as the amount of traffic, and the sheer stupidity of the people on the road, were through the roof.
Once I actually got to Super Target and the continuation of the traffic nightmare that was the overflowing parking lot I was even less equipped to deal with the crying babies, the people just standing in the aisles with their carts turned sideways, the people trying their best to have high speed cart collisions, and the old people who moved at a snail-like pace - literally; I could see the slime trails - until they were presented with their opportunities to get in front of me, at which point they transformed into the Flash and zipped ahead of me, returning, of course, to their natural crawl once in position.
So, yeah. That's what you missed.
I haven't done much today. Not even the laundry, as I'm home tomorrow and have decided to put the task off until then.
I met with David, we worked out our deal, and, per the deal, that's the last I'll say about it.
I came home, sat around for a while, and decided to take a nap. Just as I was dozing off the phone rang, and the person who'd dialed the wrong number realized that he or she had done so and hung up just as I'd struggled out of bed and picked up the phone.
I believe there's some sort of big sporting event going on now. I think I'll take this time to not watch it.
Maybe I'll post something a little more worthwhile, like a standard drawing of a half-naked celebrity or something, in a future post.

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