Monday, January 19, 2009

Wasted Effort

I spent most of the day working on a picture that no one is going to see, or rather, one that will never be posted here in its entirety (my mom is one of my regular readers, after all), so really it was even more of a wasted effort than usual.
Still, while I'm not about to post the full picture - or go through the effort it would take to "clean up" the picture by drawing on some clothes - I was fairly proud of how well the boot turned out, so I figured I'd at least post that much:

That's actually about all that I can show you, actually.
So if I'm not going to post the result, why did I spend the day drawing a naughty (extremely naughty) picture? Well, why not?
Really, that's the only answer I have. I liked the original image, decided I would step just a little bit outside of my usual boundaries - I hardly ever draw nudes, and I've never drawn anyone that nude before - and just generally kill some time.
Not much went on today, as, having the day off, I followed the Sunday protocol of doing laundry and not much of anything else.
It snowed a bit, then started to melt right away, but not enough of it melted, so I'm sure that between the lingering snow - and the people who were traumatized by the fact that it had snowed - and inauguration traffic, my commute tomorrow will be lots of fun.

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