Sunday, November 23, 2008

If Life Is But A Dream, Why Am I So Tired?

Today has been about as exciting as a typical Sunday.
I got up, sat around for a while, talked to my mom, ate lunch, and then took a nap.
During the nap I kept dreaming that I had woken up, only to realize that I was still asleep.
Eventually I really did wake up – Or did I? Oooh, trippy! – and got started on the laundry, sat around for a while longer, then started writing this.
I don’t actually have to go anywhere today, as I took care of all of that yesterday, and as Fox is airing a 24 movie tonight, I don’t have to take the time to watch TV, which is why I decided to let myself take a nap, as not watching TV gives me a little extra time that I don’t normally have on Sundays.
Admittedly, there are all kinds of other things I could have done with my time, but napping seemed easier, even if it was less productive.
But honestly, what am I likely to do that’s actually “productive” anyway?
(As an aside, Word wants me to change the “that’s” in the above sentence to “that am.” Where does Word get its grammar suggestions, Bizarro World? “Jon, you no am write that sentence wrong!”)
I suppose I could be drawing or something, but…meh. There are – Or should that be there am, Word? – a lot of pictures I would like to draw, but I just don’t feel up to it.
I started on a picture last Sunday, and after putting a lot of effort into it and working on it for a couple of hours, realized that I still had a very long way to go before I would be even close to finishing, which kind of pissed me off, so I haven’t actually returned to it.
So, yeah.
In any case, I should probably get back to tending to the laundry.

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