Friday, November 14, 2008

I Ain't Got Time To Jack Around. I Mean, I Do That; I Make Time.

Want to be a hero? Here's your chance to do so without having to be bitten by a radioactive spider or to pay me to draw you as one.
Adult Swim
is currently holding a casting call for the role of Carl in a live-action episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
The friggin' sweet details of this casting can be found here.
What's that you say? Carl isn't a hero?
That's where you're wrong, because Carl is my hero.
After all, he don't need no instructions to know how to rock. Especially when he breaks out his bad-ass red jeans.


Anonymous said...

huh. That might work, as I could look like Carl if i was in the right outfit. *sigh* The only episode I ever seem to catch is the 'sirens' one when i actually attempt to watch it. Still, to this day.

Oh, happy b-day to your mom. It's been a long week here, my b-day, my sister's as well. I took a day off and ran to marquette with my niece to pick up a *cough* warcraft /*cough* expansion.

um, spider pictures? pay you to draw one?


Heimdall said...

Somehow I just can't picture you as Carl. Call it a failure of imagination on my part, I guess.
Still, you should totally start wearing the gold chain and medallion.
Glad you had a good birthday. I'll reserve comment on the WoW thing.
I saw something about the spider drawing as payment the other day, but hadn't read the full exchange.
If I were to draw one myself, I think that I would deliberately go with a non-standard number of legs.

Heimdall said...

Oh, and you wouldn't be planning to pay me for a drawing of a spider with a drawing of a spider, would you?

Anonymous said...

Would I do that? However, here is a downpayment.

That was um, quick and dirty using paint. I reinstalled windows a couple of weeks ago and still haven't found my photoshop :(

Anonymous said...

and in case you were wondering, the other pics in that account were entries in Fark photoshop contests. :) Just so ya know, it could have been a big WTF? moment.