Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Reflections On The Nature Of MILFs Or I Have No Idea What To Write About

Oh, right; I have a blog.
Pity I don’t also have something to blog about.
Let’s see…just the usual stuff going on. Sleep. Deal with traffic. Work. Deal with traffic. Sleep.
You know the routine.
Yesterday on the way home I stopped at the Shoppers in Ashburn to pick up a few things and ended up in line behind some woman – and a bunch of kids in, I guess, baseball uniforms – who looked familiar.
I don’t think I actually knew her, she just had one of those faces, or was someone I’d seen around when I lived in Ashburn. It’s kind of like when I’d go back to Marquette after I moved away; I’d see familiar faces that weren’t people I actually knew, they were just familiar.
In any case, besides looking familiar, she was also very cute. I hesitate to call her a MILF, partly because it’s kind of a silly term, but mostly because she looked to be younger than I am and I’m not sure you can call someone a MILF if she’s younger than you are. I mean, yeah, technically a MILF is just an attractive woman who happens to be a mother, but it seems to me that the term connotes being older. So, for example, even though Jessica Alba is a mother and I would like to *ahem* given that she’s like ten years (or whatever) younger than I am, it would seem inaccurate for me to call her a MILF. Maybe MILF is a term that can only be used by people of a certain age.
Anyway, the point is that she was cute and young and she looked familiar and the whole thing was kind of depressing because it made me feel old.
It seems kind of silly to think that I’m as old as I am. I mean, granted, physically I feel even older than what I actually am, but mentally I haven’t really progressed past 16, 18 tops.
Yet I’m closing in on what people – inaccurately – call middle age, and really, given the typical life expectancy and my family history I probably am actually there already.
Anyway, where was I? Oh, right. Nothing much going on.
I’m nearly finished reading The Graveyard Book – I probably would have finished it a while ago if it weren’t for the fact that I tend to limit my reading to a specific room – and it occurred to me that I should mention that author Neil Gaiman is essentially giving the book away a chapter at a time.
It’s a very Neil sort of thing to do.
(Following the link will lead you to an explanation of the “giving it away” thing, and also to a brief interview with Neil.)
All right, that’s all I’ve got.

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