Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Real Issue

According to a news article, Ringo Starr will no longer answer his fan mail.
The real issue here is this: Ringo Starr gets fan mail?
The whole thing - as most things do - reminds me of an episode of The Simpsons, in particular the one in which it's revealed that a young Marge gave up her dream of being an artist after writing a letter to Ringo Starr asking him if she should bother continuing to pursue her dream (which mostly consisted of painting portraits of Ringo Starr) and failing to get a response from him.
It was later revealed that he had so many piles of fan mail that it took him 20+ years to get around to answering it, and his eventual response inspired Marge to pick up the brush once again.
Of course now the result would be that Marge's dream would remain crushed due to a lack of response.
For shame, Ringo. For shame.
(Updated to add: I didn't actually read the full article before posting, but I see that it also mentions that episode of The Simpsons)

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