Thursday, October 02, 2008

Nixon/FDR '08: Change You Won't F***ing Believe!

As I’d forgotten to burn the DVDs the night before, Scott and I didn’t actually watch any Riff Trax movies yesterday.
Instead I picked up Iron Man on Blu-Ray and we watched that.
(Specifically, I got the two disc Ultimate Blu-Ray edition, in the Target exclusive Iron Man helmet disc case.)
We also watched the season premiere of Pushing Daisies, which, as always, was wonderful.
To mark the occasion, I bought a cherry pie.
In case you haven’t watched the show – And why haven’t you? It’s wonderful! Why do you hate joy? – the pie was appropriate, as the main character is a pie maker, and as such pies often figure prominently into the plot.
While I was at Target I also picked up the super mega happy fun fun (or whatever it’s actually called) Blu-Ray edition of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I haven’t seen it, but it looked funny, and Apatow and company haven’t let me down so far, so, since it was right next to Iron Man, I figured I might as well grab it and add to my Blu-Ray collection.
At one point I got a phone call, and as my living room phone had lost sync with the base station, it didn’t ring, so I had to answer the phone in the kitchen, since I didn’t want to go upstairs to one of the phones that has a caller ID display, and it was at least theoretically possible that it was something important.
Turned out to be the survey people who keep calling me and whom I keep hanging up on (last night was no exception). I believe it’s the same people who have been calling people and asking who they’re going to vote for, then, if the person being surveyed is voting for Obama, asking a bunch of loaded hypothetical questions like “Would you still vote for Obama if I told you that he eats babies?”
I said like that, but not actually that. Mostly they’ve been talking to Jews and asking them if they’d still vote for Obama if they knew that he supported a bunch of anti-Israel policies.
It’s all very similar to what the Bush campaign did back in 2000, calling people in the South and telling them that McCain had an illegitimate black child, which should come as no surprise, as McCain has hired all of the people who ruined his campaign to ruin his opponent’s campaign.
One of these times I might actually talk to them if they call and when they ask who I’m going to vote for, I’ll either tell them that I’m voting for Bill and Opus, or the Nixon/FDR ticket. If they point out that Nixon and FDR are both dead, and even if they were alive they 1. Would be ineligible to run and 2. They would be extremely unlikely to run on the same ticket, I’ll start to sob uncontrollably and scream, “Dead? When did that happen?” If they figure out that Bill and Opus aren’t real candidates (and don’t actually exist) I’ll accuse them of being lying dupes of the Lex Luthor/Pete Ross campaign and demand to speak to their Reptoid supervisor.
However, it’s more likely that I’ll just keep hanging up on them.
Speaking of McCain, though, apparently he’s decided to Say No! To Michigan (I don’t know, or care, if it still is, but the tourism slogan for Michigan used to be Say Yes! To Michigan), according to this article I read today (and am too lazy to find again in order to provide a link), and has decided that it’s a lost cause*. His campaign will stop running ads and will drop its direct mailings to Michigan residents and focus its energies on key battleground states.
In any case, I’m finding myself diving deeper into politics than I really care to, so I guess I’ll bring this entry to a close.

*Updated to add: Huh. John McCain and I actually have something in common.

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