Saturday, October 04, 2008

Busy Not Doing Anything

I didn’t post anything yesterday because I was far too busy not posting anything to do so.
This isn’t to say that I was busy actually doing anything, but simply that I was busy not doing something, namely posting a blog entry.
About the only thing I actually did was watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
It was okay – and Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis were both extremely hot in it – but it wasn’t really as funny as some of the other movies put out by Judd Apatow and company.
It did bring something to mind, though, or rather, it amplified a thought I’d had earlier in the day about how the world works in movies and TV shows.
Thinking that I really ought to something creative one of these days – or at least what passes for creative – I was sifting through some of the many downloaded images I have in search of something to draw, and found one that I would like to do, but was annoyed by the low resolution of it and the missing details that result from an image being too small and compressed. If I’m going to create a decent rendering of an image, I need as much detail as possible to work from. Even if my version is going to be less detailed (if, for example, I’m going the Nagelesque route), I need to have the details so that I can decide what to include or to exclude; I don’t like having that decision made for me by quality of the source image.
In any case, I was thinking that, for me, it would be a much better world if the kind of image enhancing programs that show up in movies and TV shows actually existed.
We’ve all seen the moment when some technician takes a grainy bit of video footage, hits a few random keys, and suddenly what had been a nondescript, unrecognizable cluster of pixels is “enlarged and enhanced” into some high resolution image, showing the most minute details and suitable for printing on a twelve foot banner.
Sadly, in the real world it doesn’t work that way, and generally the more you try to “enlarge and enhance” a low resolution image the less recognizable it becomes.
This ties to the movie I watched in that the movie featured another Hollywood phenomenon that, like the magical image-enhancing software, I’ve never encountered in real life: the instant post-break up sex buffet.
Again, we’ve all seen it. Guy gets dumped. Guy goes out with friends and picks up a hot chick for a one night stand. And then another. And another.
Generally some sort of hilarity ensues as a result, as the hot chicks he hooks up with invariably have some sort of weird fetishes or neuroses that are good for a laugh, and of course the guy generally discovers that empty, meaningless sex with quirky hot chicks can’t mend his broken heart.
But that has nothing to do with my point, which is that in Hollywood’s version of reality, there are essentially very eager and willing supermodels lining up waiting for a guy to get dumped so that they can pounce on him. Movies stop just short of having the women hiding in the bushes outside of the guy’s house and jumping him the second he steps out the door after getting dumped.
Admittedly it’s possible that, unlike the magic image-enhancing, this sort of thing does happen, and the fact that it never happened to me is just another example of me sucking at life, but I’ve never seen it happen to anyone else, either.
Honestly, if it really were that simple, there’d be no need for the “casual connections” or whatever section on Craigslist, or for any of the various dating sites designed specifically for people looking for flings.
Of course, what happens next in movies is the encounter with the miraculous perfect woman, who is so perfect and kind that, rather than being disgusted and repelled by how sad and pathetic the dumped guy is, she takes pity on him and sees past his misery and desperation to the funny, sweet, great guy hidden under the tears, and an instant connection is formed that will, after some comedic misunderstandings and travails, lead to the whole happily ever after thing.
Yeah. Happens all the time, I’m sure.
I realize that it’s foolish to criticize Hollywood for a lack of connection with reality, but these are some of the standard tropes that grate on my nerves more than most, and, lacking anything better to write about, I figured I’d mention them.
While watching the movie I forgot that the new Clone Wars series was starting on Cartoon Network, with the end result being that my forgetfulness made up my mind for me on whether or not I was going to watch it. I’d been undecided about it, mostly because I just hate the thought of picking up another TV show to watch.
I realize that it doesn’t really matter if I’m sitting on the couch watching TV or sitting at my computer not doing anything in particular, but, well, it matters to me. I just don’t like devoting the time to TV watching, so I hate to add any more TV watching time to what’s already in place.
In any case, I think I’ll get back to sitting in front of my computer and not doing anything in particular.

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