Saturday, September 20, 2008

Given The Number Of Kids Limping, Can You Really Call It "Healthy" Competition?

After getting up, sitting around not doing anything in particular, and the finally showering and getting dressed, I headed out into the world to see about buying a Blu Ray player.
I looked at the (relatively) cheap one I’d seen the other day, but ultimately ended up figuring that if I’m going to buy a Blu Ray player I might as well get one from the people who made Blu Ray in the first place, so I dropped a little more money and bought the Sony BDP S350.
Eventually – probably somewhere around bonus/tax time – I’ll end up replacing the majority of my A/V equipment, with the exception of my receiver, with a Media Center PC with digital cable tuners and a Blu Ray drive, but for the time being I figured I might as well be as up-to-date as possible.
As I also mentioned, I’m not looking at converting my regular DVD collection over to Blu Ray – not yet, anyway – but I figured I should actually buy something to watch on it. It was kind of tricky to find anything that I wanted to see that I don’t already have, but then I stumbled upon Shoot ‘em Up, which I hadn’t previously purchased on DVD (mostly because I was waiting to see if it was also coming out on HD DVD, and then because I knew that eventually I’d get a Blu Ray player).
Shoot ‘em Up is one of three movies that I wish Scott would make an exemption to his “no Rated R movies” rule so that he could see it, as I know that he would enjoy it as much as I do. The other two movies, by the way, are, naturally, Sin City, and American Splendor.
Interestingly enough, Paul Giamatti is in two of the three movies (Shoot ‘em Up and American Splendor), and Clive Owen is also in two of them (Shoot ‘em Up and Sin City). Weird.
From Best Buy I went on to Arby’s for lunch, and then I stopped at a gas station to gas up, and from there went to Super Target to do some grocery shopping.
There were dozens of kids and teens there in soccer uniforms, and nearly all of them were limping, some with bandages around their ankles, some without.
Is there some sort of soccer league specifically for kids with brittle bones or something?
Maybe they all have a problem with walking similar to my own.
After that I came home and swapped out the HD DVD player for the Blu Ray player in my A/V stack. I’m a little worried about heat dispersion; the Blu Ray player vents out through the back, but it’s not as deep as any of my other equipment, so I can’t stack any components on top of it. But everything else vents out through the top, so I don’t really like the idea of putting it on top of anything else. Currently I have it on top of the receiver, hoping that it’s leaving enough of the receiver’s vents exposed to prevent any heat-related issues.
After setting up the new component, I reprogrammed my remote to add in controls for the Blu Ray player and to use it for the “Watch My Videos” activity rather than the HD DVD player. It didn’t get it right the first time: it set the input to “SAT” on the receiver rather than “BD,” so I had to go through and program it again.
And of course all of this heart-pounding excitement proved exhausting, so after I was finished I had to take a nap.
And that’s pretty much been my day.

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Merlin T Wizard said...

Welcome to the future, Jon! Now, if only I could manage to get an HD TV and have a reason for buying a BluRay player.