Monday, September 22, 2008

Exciting! New! Changes!

Apart from the laundry I didn’t do much yesterday.
I’d stayed up late on Saturday night watching the Riff Trax version of Star Wars Episode 1, so I devoted a good portion of yesterday afternoon to watching Episodes 2 and 3.
My street is being re-paved tomorrow, and they were supposed to be doing some preparatory work today, stating that there was no parking on the street between 8 AM and 5 PM, so I was trying to make sure to not get home until after 5.
I’d thought about stopping somewhere to eat, but wasn’t especially hungry, so I figured I’d just drive home at a relaxed rate and let the stoplights and traffic do most of the work in delaying me.
Naturally traffic was light, I never hit a red light, and ended up making what would have been record time. I stopped at a grocery store along the way as a delaying tactic, but still managed to get home at about 4:50. Luckily they’d completed whatever work they were going to do, though the only evidence of work were the signs that were put up saying that there’s no parking between 8 and 5 tomorrow.
So tomorrow I’ll eat a light lunch to ensure that I’ll be hungry on the way home and this time I will stop somewhere to eat.
Other than that the only excitement waiting for me when I got home was a message on my TV telling me that, as they’ve been warning me they were going to, Verizon had changed the channel line-up.
I usually navigate the channels via the “Favorites” feature anyway, and for the most part my list of Favorites had updated to the new numbering, so it didn’t really matter. The only changes I had to make were to re-add HDNet Movies to my Favorites, as it had been deleted in the updating process apparently, and to delete and re-add TLC and Sci Fi, as they’ve finally added the HD versions to the channel line-up, so I had to put the HD versions in.
Of the channels I actually watch, only Comedy Central and Cartoon Network are still in standard definition.
Tonight will find me watching the season premiere of Heroes and hoping that it proves more interesting and exciting than last year’s strike-abbreviated season.
And that’s pretty much it.

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