Monday, September 01, 2008

Apparently I'm One Of You

I think it’s been pretty firmly established for a very long time that I’m weird and more than a little contrary, seeming to live at odds with the world around me.
Also, I live a life that is rather dull and uninteresting.
Given all of that, one would think that I’d be in the minority when spending my day off from work either doing nothing in particular or engaging in mundane tasks like grocery shopping. I mean, it would seem to follow: I’m boring and seldom do anything fun or interesting, and I’m very much unlike most people, therefore most people should be out doing exciting, fun, and interesting things.
Why, then, was the grocery store overflowing with people? Aren’t they all supposed to be out doing fun things with their families and friends? The grocery store should have been an abandoned ghost town with a single, lonely shopper walking the eerily silent aisles.
Seriously, are you people really as dull as I am? Am I somehow actually in the majority? The notion seems inconceivable.
Monday is garbage day here, but I’d assumed that the garbagemen got the holiday off, so I didn’t put my garbage out last night. I learned that I was mistaken when the sound of the garbage truck turning around and leaving woke me up at eight this morning. Oh well.
So far I’ve been treating today like a typical Sunday; besides doing some grocery shopping, I gassed up the car, and have since come home and started doing the laundry.
Of course, apparently everyone else is engaging in equally boring tasks.
When I was driving around earlier I didn’t see any signs for yard sales. Maybe having yard sales on Labor Day weekend is a UP thing.
I do kind of feel like I’ve wasted my time off even more than usual, though, as I haven’t even made an attempt at doing anything creative with my time. Then again, it’s not like I gain anything from engaging in creative pursuits, so no harm no foul, I guess.
At the grocery store I thought that I’d caught a break in that there was only one person ahead of me at the self-checkout, and she was already at the “Please select your payment method” point. I learned that I was mistaken when I heard her say, “Which button do I push?”
I mean, really? Is grocery shopping really that difficult?
In any case, I suppose I should get back to the laundry.

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