Friday, September 19, 2008

Ahoy, Me Hearties!

Arr! A happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day to all ye scalawags and scurvy dogs! Twas an occasion I meant to mention in yesterday’s post, but me memory has sunk down into the cold and briny depths of Davy Jones’s locker!
Today also proved to be Global Jon Finally Gets Around to Mowing His Lawn Day; me mower were oft tangled in the thick sargassum of me backyard, once leadin’ me circuit breaker to walk the plank. Arr!
Okay, enough of that.
We’ll see if tomorrow or Sunday proves to be Regional Jon Cleans His House Day.
Also of note today was that over at Slacktivist Fred finally finished his five-year long dissection of the first book in the Left Behind series, which is something of a bittersweet occasion. Up next, we all hope, is his dissection of Left Behind: The Movie, followed by book two. Unless he picks up the pace, or scientists figure out how to make us immortal, I don’t foresee any of us surviving to see the day in which he finishes dissecting the three movies and all fifteen remaining books.
Not much else of note happened today. Traffic was at normal levels in the morning, with no inexplicable snarls at the toll plaza. Work proceeded according to the usual method, with nothing particularly noteworthy happening along the way.
The biggest news was the mowing, which, as implied by the pirate-speak, was a bit of a hassle. In the back I had to raise the mower up to its highest level and make one pass, then lower it back down and make another. On the low height it frequently got bogged down by the thick clumps of mulched grass.
But it’s done now, and hopefully a combination of sunlight, frost, and low moisture will keep it from growing too much until the leaves all fall and choke the life out of it.
When I was killing time on Wednesday I saw a (relatively) cheap Blu Ray player, which I might pick up this weekend. Apart from buying the player, I didn’t invest too much into HD DVD, so it won’t be too difficult to make the change. I probably won’t replace my regular DVD collection, but I’ll probably start buying Blu Ray movies in the future. In particular, I want to be able to pick up High Def versions of Iron Man and The Dark Knight when they come out, so that means making the switch. It also means that I can start using my computer to burn Blu Ray discs to play on the TV.
In any case, that will pretty much do it for this entry.

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Merlin T Wizard said...

Yarr! Well done tamin' the thrice-cursed green weed O' yer aft deck!