Sunday, August 17, 2008


So here's a question: is the total lack of enthusiasm I felt while working on this picture of Megan Fox apparent in the quality of the finished product?

I don't think that I half-assed it any more than I normally do, but seriously, I was just totally uninterested in doing this picture.
I don't know why that is, as, after all Megan Fox is undeniably hot, and it's a good picture, but...meh.
I think my lack of enthusiasm is probably a result of my general lack of enthusiasm combined with a a sort "let down" feeling that descended on me after I decided to shelve the much more interesting and challenging picture that I'd started on before this one. Of course, it's because it was challenging that I decided to shelve it and do something simpler.
But whatever. It's a picture.
By the way, I opted to leave out the tattoo that she has on her side, because, well, it's stupid.
Granted, I'm hardly the one to find fault with questionable ink, what with my jailhouse tats made with a pen, a guitar string, and a Walkman motor, but then again I'm not a hot young Hollywood starlet. When your body is responsible for the majority of your income, it seems foolish to mar it with crappy body art.
Of course, at least she didn't go the route of getting some Japanese or Chinese character that it turns out doesn't mean what she thinks it means ("It means 'Unique!'" "Umm, no, it means 'Batteries Not Included.'").
For the curious, the tattoo I left out is a little poem that says something like "There once was a little girl who never knew what love was until a boy broke her heart."
I'm sure it has some major significance to her, but honestly, the only thing that keeps it from ruining her hotness is the sheer mind-numbing hotness that she possesses. If she were any less hot, there's no way she could get away with looking like someone used her as a notepad to scribble on during study hall.
I'd thought about including the tattoo, but making it a grocery list, "Eggs, milk, powdered sugar, two pounds of hamburger..." but decided to leave it out entirely.
Anyway, I managed to stay awake while working on the picture, so here it is.


Merlin T Wizard said...

No, there is nothing there to indicate half-assery. At least nothing I noticed. Damn, Megan Fox is fine.

I think you should be challenging yourself, though. Man up and finish that challenging picture. You can't be a tortured artist if the art doesn't torture you.

Heimdall said...

I don't want to be a tortured artists. It pays for crap and the hours are lousy. I want to be a pampered artist.

Merlin T Wizard said...


Yeah, that ain't happening. You might as well cut your ear off now.