Saturday, August 09, 2008

Whirlwind Of Activity

I woke up this morning and spent some time trying to decide what I was going to today.
While I was deciding I sat down and watched some TV and found that this period of inactivity had carried me to noon, at which point I decided that I had to do something.
Of the options available to me, taking a nap was the most attractive, so it was back to bed for about an hour, until the stupid yappy dog across the street – the temperature was relatively low and there was a nice breeze, so I had the window open – and some kid pointlessly bouncing a basketball in one place over and over again made napping impossible.
As soon as I got up my mom called. After talking to her for less than a half an hour, the battery on my phone started to die. That battery has been proving less and less capable of holding a charge lately, and the display on the other phone is kind of messed up, so this inspired me to go out into the world and buy some new phones.
Additionally I stopped at Home Depot to get some weed killer, as it’s weeds and not grass that are making the backyard look like an overgrown mess, and some kind of heavy-duty insecticide, as it’s pretty much impossible to take a step in any direction on my patio without walking through a spider web.
If there are two surfaces available, a spider will run a line connecting them. As nothing else I’ve tried seems to have any effect, I decided I needed something potent.
I made a half-hearted attempt at trying to find a new latch for my fence, but I couldn’t find any, and wasn’t interested enough in buying one to ask for assistance.
From there I went to Target, where I stood looking at the phones and silently cursing.
I wanted to get a dual handset cordless phone, which you might think would be simple enough.
It wasn’t as simple as it should have been, as all I could find were systems that came with three handsets, which is one more than I need. Still, I was willing to go that route, except that every set I looked at also came with a built-in digital answering machine, which I really don’t need, so I couldn’t see my way clear to pay the extra money for a superfluous handset and a superfluous answering machine.
As I was about to give up and head to Best Buy to look at their selection, I finally noticed a reasonably priced dual handset unit.
Somewhat ironically, I discovered when I got home from phone shopping that I’d gotten a phone call.
It was Kevin, returning a call I’d made last night after getting a message from him on Facebook saying that I should give him a call when I had a chance. As I had a chance after reading said message, I decided to do just that, but got his voicemail.
Naturally, because that’s how The Universe works, he returned my call during the brief period in which I wasn’t home today, and of course when I called him back I got his voicemail again.
Ah well.
After leaving a message, I set to the task of increasing the overall toxicity of my backyard and patio.
I followed that up with some time spent doing nothing in particular, and then sat down to write this. I honestly have no recollection of what I did between the yard spraying and writing this. Maybe I just zoned out.
Actually, I think I did some random Web surfing, and I seem to recall that I finally got around to actually eating something beyond the yogurt and Fig Newtons I had this morning.
But really, how can I be expected to keep up with all of the exciting moments of my day when it’s such a whirlwind of activity?

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