Friday, August 29, 2008

The Little Blog That Couldn't

When I launched this blog on August 29, 2004, I never dreamed that it would go on to become an Internet phenomenon with a daily readership in the millions, or that it would lead to all sorts of lucrative writing gigs and go on to become one of the most significant sites in the earliest part of the 21st Century.
And it’s a good thing that I didn’t, because none of that shit ever happened.
Even so, today marks Threshold’s 4th birthday, and while its total regular readership is a number not much higher than its age, it’s still a milestone that deserves some recognition.
So, um, consider it recognized.
More importantly, though, I need to recognize and thank the handful of people who have helped make Threshold the stunning success that it isn’t. Thanks everyone!
Of course, Threshold shares a birthday with the lovely and talented Carla Gugino, and so, as has become a tradition, and by way of sending out birthday greetings to her, I’ve included a picture I’ve done of Ms. Gugino:

It’s not the picture I wanted to do, but that picture – while cool and sexy – was a royal pain in the ass. Maybe next year.
Also, I freely admit that this picture kind of sucks. So, I guess in addition to wishing Ms. Gugino a happy birthday, I should probably also apologize. Oh well.
Anyway, I’ll be back later with a regular post, but I thought I should post something to acknowledge this special day.

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Merlin T Wizard said...

Happy birthday, Threshold and Ms. Gugino!

Oh, and you're welcome for not making you tons of money.