Saturday, July 05, 2008

So I hope everyone survived the Fourth intact, with the same number of fingers, toes, and eyes that you had back on the third of July.
For my part I didn’t do a whole lot.
I spent most of the day working on some pictures (more on that in a bit), eschewing any Independence Day-related activities, as activities=people, and then in the evening headed over to Jamie and Casey’s house (based on Scott’s invitation) and had dinner.
They were all wrapping up a round of D & D when I got there, and after dinner they went back into gaming mode, and I went back into anti-social mode and headed home to do some more drawing.
I appreciated the invitation, and was glad to not have to feed myself, but I wasn’t really in the mood to be social – I know; what else is new? – and not being into the whole gaming thing, I didn’t have it in me to hang out until it got dark enough for them to light off the truly massive amounts of fireworks they had.
As for all of the drawing I’ve been doing, you may be wondering why you aren’t seeing the results here.
So why is that?
You’ll see them eventually, just not yet, and I’m not inclined to say anything more about it. Not trying to be mysterious, I just don’t feel like writing about it just yet. Trust me; you’ll be bored when you do find out, so you’re not missing anything.
I got up this morning and reminded myself for the first of many times that it is, in fact, Saturday, not Sunday.
After sitting around for a while I went out and did some shopping, then came home and cleaned up the house a bit.
Scott’s coming over later on for a screening of Left Behind II: Tribulation Force.
As my only real exposure to the books has been reading the dissections on Slactivist, and given that after five years Fred has yet to complete dissecting the first book, I don’t know much about the plot of Tribulation Force, and will not be able to see where the movie diverges from the book.
I have to say, I’m almost eager to watch it, but then I remember that it’s going to be absolutely terrible – there’s no way for it to not be terrible – and my eagerness fades.
I bought some brats to grill for tonight, so after cleaning up in the house I decided to clean the grill, which was an annoying, messy pain.
A while back I mentioned that I’d lost my stylus for my smart phone, and given that it was the spare stylus, that meant having to buy a new one. In fact, I ended up buying six.
Getting into my car on my way home last night I was, as I so often am, distracted by something shiny. In this case something shiny on the floor between the seat and door. It was my stylus.
I’d assumed that I’d lost it somewhere at work, but apparently that wasn’t the case.
So where I once had none, I now have seven.
Now, if only what holds true for smart phone styli held true for girlfriends

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