Thursday, July 31, 2008

Singled Out

Most Singles

This list shows the US cities with the highest percentage of single people.
It's interesting to note that three cities that I either currently live in or near or have previously lived in or near are on the list: Washington D.C., Minneapolis, MN, and Marquette, MI.
I say it's interesting because I've long complained that while there may be places where there are a lot of single women, I haven't lived in them, yet this list suggests that I'm mistaken in this claim.
It's important to note, however, that this is a list of singles in general, so it includes men. Who knows what the specific numbers actually break down to.
(Besides, when I lived in Marquette I was married.)
Further, it seems clear that the numbers for most of the cities listed are skewed by the fact that they all have a substantial population of college students. Marquette, for example, is home to Northern Michigan University (my alma mater), which has a student population of 8,500, which is significant when you note that the total estimated population of Marquette is 20,488.
So, yeah, I'm not sure that this list actually means anything.

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